5 years later together again.

'A winning team doesn't change', at most it expands.

That's how we worked for Francesco Zaccaria this time together with a large staff, consisting of FF3300 and Pazlab, Patrizia Nettis, Mimmo Capozzi and Tiberio Potenza.

The election campaign was very long, which is why we set up a story 'in 3 acts': a teaser, a phase relating to the telling of what has been done, a phase relating to what remains to be done.

The objective of the communication strategy was twofold: on the one hand, we worked to deconstruct the opponent's frames, and on the other, to build frames useful for the story, within a coalition project that, while pivoting on the PD, focused on the renewal of society, through several carefully composed civic lists, bringing together people with values.

From the campaign five years ago, we inherited the 'Z', the seal.

This time, however, we worked, at least initially, in a different way: we designed material 'Z' materical letters:

Is it coastline? Then it's sand.

We talk about the environment? Earth.

We talk about mobility and infrastructure? Streets.

Is there talk of culture and schools? Books.

Talk of sports? Useful objects.

And so on.

In the second phase, after the teaser, we focused on creating a brochure and several video clips, which summarised the central elements of the story, our topics. These then became content for social media, in the form of cards and stories. These contents were then joined by a before/after comparison made to consolidate the frame of the ongoing transformation.

From "a cut with the past" (the leitmotif of five years ago) to "the sign of change".

In the final part of the campaign we facilitated the work of the team of volunteers who independently produced a lot of useful content, especially in the form of videos.

Font in use:

Divenire — FF3300 + Luciano Perondi — CAST

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