In 2019 we managed the communication project for the XX congress of the CGIL Retired Workers Union which was held in Turin, in the spaces of the Lingotto, place and memory of the most important struggles and conquests of the Italian trade union movement, as a former Fiat factory.

The work was complex, after an initial phase of analysis and strategy, we defined the message / title of the congress ("Here the future is made") and the visual.

For the visual design we were able to draw on the photographic material of the CGIL Historical Archive, which allowed us to use the images of the events in which the retired had actually participated, then generating that "Recognition" effect which was what we were looking for.

The communication strategy, indeed, started from the assumption that today's retirees no longer refer to the imagination of the resistance or partisans, because they didn't live those years. Rather, they refer to the 60-70s period, the one in which the movements of the student protest were linked to the workers' struggles in the factories, giving life to the transformations that for better or for worse contributed to draw today's Italy.

In this regard, we have taken care of the texts and the graphic design and set-up of the Transformations" exhibition, which has as its object the changes that our country has experienced in the last 60-70 years.

Finally, we supervised the direction of the stands, designing every graphic element used and all the thematic video clips in motion graphic.

Font in use:

Vitesse — Tobias Frere-Jones, with Jesse Ragan — Hoefler & Co.

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