Velo Service deals with sustainable tourism services on Bari and Lecce, organizing tours and excursions with zero-emission means of transport, such as bicycles and rickshaw.

Since 2008 the company has been committed to promoting a conscious and responsible lifestyle that they call "bike concept": it's about zero-emission sustainable mobility, organizing activities and events that go beyond the use of the bicycle.

For Velo Service we designed a digital identity and storytelling strategy with a social campaign and a promotional video of the cycle tourism service, as well as the website.

The identity concept is given by the traces that the wheels of the bicycles imprint on the ground, as they pass. Starting from this idea, we designed a series of textures, at the same time icons of the entire identity system.

Also for the logo, we chose a font that could leave a trace: the stencil.

Font in use:

ErnestoNouvelle noire

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