For Scabec S.P.A., we redesigned and developed the website by focusing on optimising the existing one, while at the same time searching for the most suitable technical and technological solutions to meet the client's needs.

Initially, the work focused on questioning the previous information architecture, which through a series of interviews was completely redesigned.

In a second phase, the work focused on giving shape to intentions, through the design of the site interface, first in the form of wireframes, then through detailed layouts.

At this point we began the development, first of all of the control panel, thanks to which the client was able to carry out a data entry that had the dual purpose of providing us with a usable database for the development of the fronted, and of allowing the client to test and familiarise himself with the control panel interface.

From here we started to develop the frontend.

Font in use:

Sole family — Luciano Perondi — CAST

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