As part of the communication activities aimed at 2017/2018 membership campaign, we were asked to plan communication activities for the Spi Cgil Puglia.

"Carosello" is a festival of events between sociality, culture, health and entertainment in the squares of the main Apulian cities organized for the CGIL Puglia Pensioners Union, dedicated to pensioners and their families.

"Carosello" starts from the desire to reposition with the aim of bringing Spi to the streets, working on the weak and strong ties that keep local communities together.

The conditions of the elderly in Puglia were analyzed, highlighting some problems common to the different territories. These problems have been "reversed" to become the stimulus that identifies the possible ways to improve the initial situation.

A mobilization aimed at creating community bonds based on shared practices: "Carosello" is the beginning of a process of valorising the civic and associative fabric of the territory, through the construction of a network.

"Vitamin Spi - The antitode against uselessness syndrome", on the other hand, is a campaign designed to narrate, through the virtuous metaphor of the vitamin, the activities of the Union that helps the elderly to cope with old age.

We designed the packaging and contents of the box.

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