The Museum System of the city of Ugento is an integrated route that includes the New Archaeological Museum, the "Adolfo Colosso" Archaeological Collection, the Monumental Complex of the Crypt of the Crucifix and the Church of Our Lady of Constantinople.

We designed its visual identity, creating a generative typeface, editorial publications and internal panels.

For the museum system of the city of Ugento we developed an identity project focused on the representation of the territory and its history. Writing was the visual code that showed us the way, in fact it preserves within it the constitutive elements of memory, that is the passage of Messapic, Greek and Latin culture.

We have created a typographic system, Messapia, that allows you to compose the text in "n" variants of glyphs for each letter (with more than 11,000 unique glyph combinations).

The configurations were identified following an iconographic research on all the inscriptions in the area.

Messapia doesn't have a "philological" purpose, but wants to evoke the cultural stratifications of the territory.

Here you can find more information on Messapia.

The catalog of the Museum System with the brochure and the guide to the New Archaeological Museum are the editorial productions made for this project.

Font in use:

Messapia — FF3300

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