Pavilion 152 of Fiera del Levante is the institutional pavilion of Puglia Region. Every year this pavilion hosts a different institutional communication activity of the institution. In 2012 it was the Department of Economic Development of the Puglia Region turn.

The project recounts the meeting between businesses and citizens, and the possibility that arise from this interaction, stimulated, in fact, by the Region. Financing measures, opportunities for businesses and citizens, economic development policies were the subject of the representation and narration.

The assignment involved the design of a sense system that could accompany visitors during the guide, telling what has been done and at the same time informing them about the opportunities of the "Puglia System".

In 2013 it was the turn of the Health System of the Puglia Region: between food awareness, prevention policies, innovation and research at the service of citizens. The object of representation and storytelling were the projects and services oriented to the development and well-being of citizens, implemented by the Region.

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