Nòva is a cultural center and youth community hub located in the former Passalacqua barracks in Novara.

The communication project was divided into three phases, relating to:

  • analysis and strategy
  • visual identity and branding
  • website

We initially developed a survey and shared it with all the coordinators of the different realities that make up the project network. Then we analyzed the data collected and proposed a communication strategy — presentation of the concept.

Once we defined a concept shared with the project network, we worked to build a flexible and dynamic identity system. The idea was that a real "language" was needed to accompany and represent the extraordinary multiplicity of contents and initiatives that the project aims to achieve.

To build this identity system we have adopted an open generative design methodology, focused more on the definition of procedures and parameters than on structures and outputs. The software used for the creation of the typeface is the GTL (https://github.com/bbtgnn/GTL) or "Generatore Tipografico di Libertà", an open source software created during the XYZ2018 lab by La Scuola Open Source.

With this tool we have defined an open and combinatory system, which in addition to the letters provides for textures and quarters of explosions.

Nòva is energy and unpredictability, this is what we have tried to give back through the identity system project: textures, as well as quarters of explosions, can freely combine creating always different and dynamic compositions, which through the temporal dimension seem to take life.

Finally, once the system was defined in its entirety and the declinations were designed, we designed and developed the website https://www.nòva.com.

Font in use:

Nòva custom font designed with GTL

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