The political project for the Apulian regional of the candidate Nichi Vendola was born even before the campaign itself, that is from the establishment of a community: "Le Fabbriche di Nichi" (Nichi's factories) with the intent to promote and defend good politics, a patchwork of experiences and visions. Common goal: to build a better country.

"La fabbrica di Nichi" was created to bring young people closer to the "res pubblica" and to sensitize the population on the programmatic themes of Nichi Vendola campaign. It is a horizontal, liquid and participatory platform, from which projects and actions are launched.

The political communication campaign "La Poesia è nei fatti" (Poetry is in facts) was planned in view of the 2010 regional eletions in Puglia, to promote the project of a center-left party led by Nichi Vendola. The main objective was to simplify and make information available on the good things done in the first 5 years of Nichi's government and is based on hierarchies of information to make them more accessible, icons to represent concepts, nursery rhymes to facilitate storage and data to build a context.

"Eyjafjallajokull" is the event organized two months after the end of the election campaign, to build the national network of "a fabbrica di Nichi". We took care of the project and the on-site realization, by hand, of visual communication and wayfinding, with a very evident narrative and language component, in order to emphasize the aspects of visual identity.

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