In 2022 Arci launched 'Being Multitude': a survey to find out about Community Cultural Spaces, inside and outside Arci.

We designed the strategy, branding, digital communication tools and campaign for this initiative to spread and tell its story, in continuity with the "a desire for multitude" campaign carried out in 2022 for ARCI membership.

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s. f. [from lat. multitudo -dĭnis, der. from multus «much»].

Large quantity, great number of people, animals or things, gathered together: a m. of people, of demonstrators; the band advanced followed by a noisy m. of children; a m. of ants, flies, grasshoppers; a m. of a crowd of people, animals or things, gathered together. of ants, of flies, of grasshoppers; a confused m. of sounds, of voices; the Galaxy is nothing but a multitude of fixed stars (Dante); often in an emphatic or joking tone: he has a m. of children, of relatives; he was besieged by a m. of creditors, of beautiful girls. Less com., great quantity of abstract things : having a m. of troubles, of tediousness, of worries. Also, a collection of people, and more rarely of things, united by a common characteristic and considered as a whole: the m. of the poor, the disinherited, the unhappy; in other places the ordinary serenity of the sky is compensated for by the frequency of earthquakes, the multitude and fury of volcanoes (Leopardi). In absolute usage, crowd of people gathered: to speak to the mob or mobs; a threatening mob had gathered in the square; the shouts, the acclamations of the mob; to arouse the mob; often in a more abstract and spiteful tone (with similar usage to mass): to despise the opinion of the mob; to stand out, to leave the mob.

Anticam., followed by a singular noun, abundance, great non-numerical quantity (thus corresponding to the abstract of much).