For Mediterranea, we carried out strategic consultancy aimed at reorganising internal and external communication processes.

Analysing the form of the organisation and the procedures in use, we realised that there were crucial aspects that needed to be addressed, such as the configuration of a space for meeting, exchange and discussion, in which all of Mediterranea's members could come together, in an organised and functional manner.

Similarly, we realised that we needed a differently configured instrument for communication with the outside world.

So we started working on the design of a new website, first building the site tree and information architecture together with Mediterranea, then designing and developing the backend and frontend micro-components.

The new website can be reached at the url:

During the design of the site, we also dealt with the restyling of the branding and micro-copy for all sections of the site.

Font in use:

Gotham — Tobias Frere-Jones, with Jesse Ragan — Hoefler & Co.

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