For the demonstrations The CGIL Pensioners' Union has set a number of goals:

→ To make itself visible and attract media attention.

→ To emerge as a point of reference for Italian retirees

→ Manifest organizational and political strength

→ Reposition the idea of the union in the collective imagination.

→ Try to speak to new generations

→ Build consensus around antifascism

By analyzing in advance the nature of the sponsors of the event and the characteristics of its participants, it was deduced that:

→ There was a great risk of redundancy and rhetoric in the messages

→ The presence of the assembled center-left would catalyze media attention

→ The risk of tension or contestation would also have catalyzed media attention.

Therefore, it was agreed that in order to achieve the goals set were necessary:

→ Multiplicity and variety of communication tools to be adopted

→ Modulation of messages and tools according to the audiences one wished to reach

→ Irony, imagination and impact of slogans

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