"Index Urbis" is the title of Rome Architecture Festival, promoted and organized by the Municipality of Rome, by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservators of Rome and its Province and by the House of Architecture of Rome. The event's curator is prof. Francesco Garofalo, assisted by the architect Paolo Valente. The identity project we created is based on a series of overlapping letters, in groups of 4.

This overlap, through the use of the "History" typeface designed by Peter Bilak, refers to different historical periods, representing the cultural sedimentation that actually took place in the city over the centuries.

We have also created an IT tool, to generate the multiple visual configurations, thus defining the identity system not on the outputs but on the rules (in this case the algorithm) that determines them.

Font in use:

→ History — Peter Bilak — Typotheque

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