In support of Guglielmo Minervini's candidacy for the presidency of the Puglia Region in the context of 2014 regional elections, the political movement "Open – La politica fatta in casa" ("open - homemade politics") was born.

We designed identity and storytelling strategies and procedural models for communication outputs from the birth of the movement to the end of the primary adventure in Puglia.

We took care of the visual communication direction, including the set-ups and press releases, we carried out activities of coaching and training of the young activists of the "Open" movement for the production of the settings for the events while sharing good practices for a sustainable political activity.

In this sense, we have created a series of self-produced gadgets within the committee itself: bags, T-shirts and every printable surface have become the supports of an "unconventional" campaign created by hand.

The resulting election campaign was titled "La Forza" ("The Force") and the hashtag was the narrative frame of reference: the goal was to build an analogy between the "star wars" narrative and the primary, as well as the subtraction of the topic "La Forza" to the evidently stronger (also physically) opponent, Michele Emiliano.

Force is also an energy field generated by all living beings that pervades the universe and all that it contains.

For the monitoring of online competitors, we developed an IT tool that analyzes conversations on Twitter and Facebook, weighing them according to metrics.

Through a control panel it's possible to define the metrics that we are interested in analyzing, the type of visual representation of the data and the subjects to follow.

As part of the 3-month election campaign, we designed two video spots, one on what has been done in 10 years of regional administration and one on what Guglielmo Minervini wanted to do as President.

The campaign ended with a video message calling for a vote.

Font in use:

Divenire — FF3300 + Luciano Perondi — CAST

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