To innovate means to be able to intuit the near future, but also to determine it. The seeds of possible futures are contained in the present. It means being able to see the future – or one of the possible futures – through the present. The key to this is the ability to interpret reality which translates into a very simple and linear claim: "to see the future through the present".

Among the possibilities that emerged during our research phase, we focused on the study of the optical effects that allow us to "see through".

The identity project is based on the so-called "Moiré effect", a visual phenomenon that occurs through the overlap of two levels:

→ a first level (A) with a hyper image, or a representation that is a function of N images, composed according to an algorithm;

→ a second level (B) with a grid of vertical full and empty spaces.

When level B is moved, it covers and discovers portions of the drawing on level A, which is designed according to a "frame" logic.

This interaction across the 2 levels generates the perception of a moving image.

The hyper image represents the present, which contains possible futures. The second level (the grid) is the key, the interpretation. The interaction of these two levels generates the moiré effect, or the possibility of seeing the future through the present: the object of our narration.

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