Castel dei Mondi is a festival held in in Andria (Puglia) that promotes, through 10 days of performances, quality international - and local - theater.

We took care of the communication strategy, the visual identity project, the editorial publications, the billboard campaign, social media, paper communication materials, three editions of a specially designed and created freepress, the video spot and website of the event.

As part of the identity project we created a modular typeface for the composition of the logo and for the applications (textures, icons and maps) of the identity project such as wayfinding, the billboard campaign, or the editorial products: a freepress, in 3 outings every 15 days (before, during and after the festival) and the catalog / program of the event.

A different festival. No more images, but imagination. The festival of words, gestures, places and smells. A color, that of the sky, a perfume, that of the earth. A modular tale: words and signs chase each other and then merge into an experience which, before being intellectual, is physical, emotional and poetic.

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