Circuito D’Autore is a project of the Apulia Film Commission Foundation, which promotes quality national and international cinema through a circuit of cinemas across the region.

We took care of the communication strategy, the visual identity project, the editorial publications, the billboard campaign, social media, the paper communication materials, two special publications, the layout of the 21 movie theaters throughout the region, the website and the mobile application.

As part of the identity project, we created a tool in processing language for the generation of the logotype configurations and for the application of the typographic treatment. We developed the new editorial design for the house organ of the circuit, opting for a standardization of the format and processes, on which we declined the identity project.

"Action / Reaction" is the beginning of a strategy for involving people and communities. The process encompasses a series of activities: the festival, a publication, the feedback and a further publication. Those who follow the festival receive a publication, with 7 photos and 7 citations.

The publication contains loose sheets, intended to collect feedback from viewers during the festival projections. The Circuit will use the feedback thus collected for a further publication called Reaction / Action.

"Reaction / Action" is the publication that closes the "Action / Reaction" project: a collection of experiences and perceptions on cinema and art in general, signed by the D'Autore public and containing the precious images of the artist Halim al Karim.

We have also designed a communication action to promote "Le vacanze intelligenti" (smart holidays), the summer film festival curated by D’Autore Circuit.

Font in use:

Gotham — Tobias Frere-Jones, with Jesse Ragan — Hoefler & Co.

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