«Ciao Nonna» is an extraordinary product because it manages to make clear what is behind the work we do, but also what is below, above, beside, after.

This book is the unexpected fruit of a fortunate alchemy.

The working relationship with Lorenzo Rossi Doria and Fulvio Venanzetti has become, over the years, a friendship. And when one does this work, this often means that the quality of the work has increased.

We say this without hesitation: 'never has any client been as brave as the Spi CGIL Nazionale, at least until now, in our professional history'. We can only say 'thank you grandfathers and grandmothers, working with you is an honour'.

Hasta la victoria, #boomer.

Want the book?

You can find it here: https://www.ciao-nonna.it

Font in use:

Minuscule — Thomas Huot-Marchand — 205TF