FF3300 has developed an annual plan for strategy, identity and communication tools, aimed at repositioning the imagination of the Italian Democratic Party.

Hence we focused on the development of a new visual identity and the construction of a "community" of the Democratic Party.

During the service we also carried out consultancy aimed at training the militants, holding workshops and lectures, as well as developing communication tools, including the typeface "Divenire" (becoming) and the features.

The Bersani 2013 primary campaign is based on the idea of putting words and ideas back at the center. The concept involved translating a "code of conduct" into a series of typograms, then used as main frames of the campaign.

These keywords were generated using a computer tool specially designed for the parametric generation of typographic features.

After winning the primary, our assignment for the 2013 election campaign consisted in the activity of accompanying and training a group of digital militants, under the name of: 300 Spartans.

These guys became the protagonists of an "un-branded" campaign that retraced the events of those days with irony, transforming the actors of the political event into the characters of the Batman saga.

Our work for the Democratic Party was based on the results of a process of data collection, analysis and strategy development, carried out in agreement and collaboration with the national secretariat of PD.

Font in use:

Divenire — FF3300 + Luciano Perondi — CAST

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