For the candidacy project of the city of Bari as the Italian Capital of Culture 2022, we collaborated with the team created by the Municipality of Bari, jointly developing the communication strategy, designing the visual of the candidacy, the dossier brochure, the website and the digital communication plan for social networks.

The concept of the identity project develops from the profound meaning of the candidacy project, which revolves around the figure of St. Nicholas, and is accompanied by the claim "The culture comes from the sea".

The saint's face was elaborated through an image processing algorithm and transformed into a brand, composed according to a modular logic, made up of solids and voids, of individual units that together take on a meaning, letting the overall design emerge.

For the typography we used the Benevento font, designed starting from the reliefs made on the Beneventana Barese, a particular type of writing spread in southern Italy by the Lombards, after the fall of the Roman Empire, which it is still possible to meet while walking in the ancient village of Bari, on the walls of numerous historic and sacred buildings.

The color identified to accompany the candidacy was yellow, in a particularly bright and warm shade.

Finally, together with the working group, we studied a series of contents for social media, which accompanied the last days before the final audition, which took place on January 14, 2021.

Font in use:


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