The objective of our communication project was to recount the extraordinary moment in which we all found ourselves, trying to represent the demand for relationships and change, and at the same time stimulate it, through a simple but evocative language, and a communication design capable of combining a strong contemporaneity with the values and ideas at the root of the Arci project. The main message of the campaign, featured on all the artwork, was constructed so that it speaks of both the reason why Arci was born and the sentiment that drives us to create and frequent spaces of aggregation and cultural production:

«Un desiderio di Moltitudine».

The use of the indeterminative article 'un' refers to the different individualities that through the lever of desire collectively give rise to a growing movement. The word 'desire' (whose etymology means 'in the absence of stars' or 'lack of stars') speaks to us of an emotional tension, of a lack that creates a 'demand', triggering action.

The word "multitude" is a word that has a double meaning: it speaks to us of feeling part of something, of recognising ourselves in a plurality, of feeling a sense of belonging; at the same time it refers to the relationship with otherness, to encounter and confrontation.

Communication design (both in the design of messages and their graphic composition) combines elements (words, signs, operating methods) extrapolated from the history of the organisation with strictly contemporary design methodologies.

In particular, typography is "the object of representation".

This will be composed with a typeface identified on the basis of a specific capacity: to modulate in width and height, allowing us to construct variable and therefore extremely interesting compositions.

Font in use:

GarajeThomas Huot-Marchand 205TF

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